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A goobye without God

Original composition in Portuguese-Brazil language “Um adeus sem Deus”, version English. Format edited in the Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil and English language, on the author's page Facebook. Requests in original language, for translation for other languages, IN BOX. All rights reserved.

A goodbye without God

Life is made of dreams
all built from grain to grain
fruit of our experiences in raindrops
values, loves and desires
even if the dream is a piece of bread
can be harder a passion afire

Dream the world to live their rectitude
respect and affection for the life of animals
respect and dignity for human life
between peoples and people of good faith, peace and reason
among the platonic virtual, lucidity for a season
understanding that the world needs to unite its multitude

Dream to dance in the wind anytime
even though my life is on the streets fine
with springs immersed in passion
walk through colorful streets by flowers
bathe me any beach even without powers
where the sea is only blue and I can see my feet

Live love in its prefecture splendor
experience of dignity less bitterness
the world and its suffering, weight without measure
severe life of many deceptions and soberness
life owed, in debt, unpaid, unrelieved
for the time that of illusion that achieved

But time is relentless
destiny often miserable and defenseless
the unforgivable mistakes
even if your conscience is misty with sakes
even though reality is light feather
even the autumn breeze is gentle breather

The road takes time
maybe not done enough less
maybe it was reckless
surely the goodness practiced was an inconsequential evil line
Who knows about my inconsequence?
Perhaps there is a mistake for recklessness, a sense?

Until the day death slam me the door in one night
It won't be a crying day, I want the day to enjoy
and live these spaces that life gives me for joy
forget the dreams and enjoy the moonlight
that mercy agrees with you to write life in a book
that the silver moon will give you to look

But if the day comes first in your moment
because the night was incompetent
let me take by the sea even without blue
with dreaming but kind in loving
Even if there is no flower, make the sea happy by coloring
I close my eyes to hear the wind over the blue sea of my soul.

Hygora Hoxy
All rights reserved