Past imperfect present

The wardrobe is a very special closet, sometimes we find rouperos packed with clothes and some people talk: why, does not it? Do not use! It's out of style, or someone else could use it. I usually donate clothes I do not wear, but some are special to me. The fact is that reason escapes us, because it is not the play itself, but the story, the part of its life, that is stored in it, what happened, or ceased to happen, as it imagined to use, or with whom, or what phase of his life he belonged to. Open your wardrobe sit before him and see your life inside, every bit of it, every phase, every hope, every expectation, joy, sadness or dream. There is his account of life. Who you are or no longer.


English version in the Portuguese poem “Passado do presente imperfeito”, published by virtue of which it was edited, hindering direct translations, with the objective of preserving the intellectual property governed by the law of copyright, 9,610 / 98, last version in adhesion to the Stockholm treaty.